Sunday, December 03, 2006

Window bracelet

For sale £10, email:
Yesterday Toby had his first sale from the display in our window, it was the stretchy silver plated button charm bracelet, that we showed you before. Needless to say Toby was out, and I was in my dressing gown and socks (being a professional saleswoman) when the doorbell rang! A teenage girl bought the bracelet as a Christmas present for her friend. So, this morning Toby is busy making more, each one unique, the one above has pretty pale pink glass beads to compliment the little buttons. I have laid it out to show you all the elements, when it is worn the beads and buttons dangle down and the bracelet is flexible. Another coming soon........


Blogger Sybille said...

Love the pale rose colours. I bet it looks stunning on!

12/03/2006 4:56 PM  

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