Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back again!

Hello everyone, thought it about time I checked in here again. We had a lovely quiet Christmas at home, myself, Laurence, Toby, and my neice Amy, who was visiting us from Australia during her gap year. Think it was our 'Tate holidays' we went to Tate Liverpool, and also to the Tate Modern in London, where Toby and Amy slid down those enormous silver slide installations.
Came home to computer problems, which Laurence has now managed to fix, mostly, although we have lost lots of jewellery and arty images that we were planning to show you.
Now we are back to work and school. I am busily trying to catch up with illustration and design work, I have a range of 'cute bear' cards to create commissioned by Hallmark, and today I am working on drawings for a soft toy manufacturer, baby blankets and rattles for Mothercare.
Toby has jewellery in 6 shops, so we really need to chase them up and find out if anything was sold over the Christmas period.
Hope you are all well, and I look forward to reading your comments when you visit here this year.


Blogger ladysnail said...

happy new year penny and family! thanks for visiting my blog. sounds you had a lovely christmas and are going to be very busy and productive in 2007! well done toby-he should be proud, very proud indeed of his hard work and getting his jewellery into shops.

1/18/2007 12:44 PM  
Blogger mermaid_misk said...

Hi Penny! thanks for catching up on my blog, i must update it soon just feel like iv been really busy for once! Congrats on the commission with Hallmark and Mothercare thats fantastic! xx

1/18/2007 1:20 PM  
Anonymous carolyn said...

Welcome back Penny!

1/18/2007 1:22 PM  
Blogger Daisy Lupin said...

Nice to have you back after your computer problems. Chirstmas does seem a long time ago now doesn't it?

1/18/2007 5:54 PM  
Blogger Beck said...

Happy New Year Penny, and congrats from me too for the Hallmark and Mothercare commissions, and to Toby too, hope all the 6 shops needs lots of restocking after the Christmas rush!

I'm very curious to hear more about the drawings for the soft toys too, do you design the toy itself, or does someone else work from your drawings and turn it into a pattern etc?

1/19/2007 8:42 AM  
Blogger natural attrill said...

Hi Rebecca,

I get briefed by the toy manufacturer as to what product, style, which animals etc they are looking for, then I start drawing and charge a daily rate. I usually just do the character development and then finished b+w drawings of the ones they like. Occasionally I colour as well, but not usually. I have nothing to do with sewing, making patterns etc


1/19/2007 6:58 PM  

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