Thursday, February 15, 2007

More chilli's

Following on from my last post with Tara's wonderful chilli, I thought I would show you the earrings Toby has made using these cute little glass chilli charms. They are for sale, £6.50 a pair, plus p+p, gift boxes also available. Contact:


Blogger Joanna said...

They are lovely earings. I have just been admaring the pottery bag and bowl. I have been meaning to make a dylon bag for next time we go on a big walk. I carryed a handbag last time in my big rucksack and rather regreted the wieght of it.

2/15/2007 3:05 PM  
Blogger holly-rose said...

lovely earings!

2/15/2007 5:24 PM  
Anonymous marisa said...

Hi Penny!

Those earrings Toby made are really pretty, "chili charms" rolls off the tongue so nicely! And I'm so jealous of your secret fairy choc-a-lious parcel. Its a good job I'm using pancake day as an excuse to gorge myself with treats today!

Take care!

2/20/2007 3:50 PM  

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