Monday, November 19, 2007

Toby's Christmas Fayre stall


Blogger Sue said...

Oh well done, Toby and Emily! What a great stall! I love the little ideas like the free sweeties in the teeny trolley and the handy mirror. I hope you sold loads. :-)

11/19/2007 11:15 AM  
Anonymous dale said...

Stall looks Great Toby, so many things and all creatively displayed - and Goodness you do look so much like your Mum!!
Glad to hear you did so well.

11/19/2007 11:52 AM  
Blogger ladysnail said...

that stall looks amazing! great photos of toby and emily. i hope you had loads of sales. dx.

11/19/2007 11:52 AM  
Blogger fhiona galloway said...

Great stuff Toby and Emily-hope you both made lots of sales-sure your stall would have been very popular:D

11/19/2007 12:17 PM  
Blogger SueC said...

Well done!! Very impressed with your entrepreneurship :-)


11/19/2007 1:00 PM  
Blogger Marisa said...

Everything looks so fab! I hope you sold loads of goodies!

11/19/2007 1:29 PM  
Blogger PG said...

What a great looking stall Toby, I'm not surprised you did well! :)

11/19/2007 2:42 PM  
Blogger Emm@ said...

That looks fab, Tobes. Especailly the free sweets!

11/19/2007 3:15 PM  
Anonymous carolyn said...

Wow wish I had been there.

11/19/2007 6:53 PM  
Blogger Pea said...

Great stuff Toby!

11/19/2007 7:28 PM  
Blogger Lynda Nelson said...

the stall looks great! I hope you sold lots.

11/19/2007 7:55 PM  
Blogger Lynda Nelson said...

the stall looks great! I hope you sold lots.

11/19/2007 7:56 PM  
Blogger clare said...

Your stall looks fab, Toby. Well done to you and Emily - glad to hear you did well on the day.


11/19/2007 9:59 PM  
Blogger tlc illustration said...

Can I just say 'wow!'? Toby - when do you ever have time for school work? This all looks amazing, and I'm glad it sounds like it went well. (Your customers expressed proper appreciation, I hope!)

11/23/2007 11:07 AM  

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