Thursday, December 13, 2007

All in a flurry!

A mad rush to get things done - luckily Toby has a hoard of his handmade polymer clay beads in stock and he has already made some lovely large felt beads, using merino wool tops in various colours mixed together and rolled by hand. Last night was spent sifting through draws of buttons selecting colours to compliment the felt beads, and then stringing them together using beading elastic to make his wonderful collection of bracelets, all for sale, buy here before Friday night, or in Hebden Bridge after the weekend.

Felt beads and lotsa buttons are £10 each, plus p+p
Handmade polymer clay beadies are £5 each, plus p+p

Pretty gift box, £1

Hurry! - email Toby before the bracelets whizz off to Hebden, and he'll post one to you this weekend.


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