Sunday, July 20, 2008

stretching chilli buttons

These bracelets are made with long silver plated linked chains, with elastic threaded through the middle, which makes them stretch and fit any size.
Here are examples of 2 styles, one with little buttons, the other with glass chilli charms and various beads. Also available in gold plated chain.
Choose your own colour theme for a bracelet made with buttons or beads, any combination!
£10 each plus p+p


Blogger Sue said...

I like them both! The chili one slightly more 'cause I'm a sucker for glass beads.
Well done again, Toby...I don't know where all your ideas come from! :-)

7/21/2008 8:34 AM  
Blogger Magpie Magic said...

The colours and textures are great on both. I love the red and black one. :-)

7/21/2008 12:11 PM  
Blogger Caroline B said...

Another couple of winners, Toby!

7/21/2008 3:57 PM  

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