Friday, December 19, 2008


BIG thank you to everyone who visits here, it is really good to read your comments!
Natural Attrill will be closed now untill after Christmas.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Seasons Greetings!

Friday, December 12, 2008

tip for tate

Here's a tip for self promotion, for all you freelancers and crafty people out there.

Yesterday, Laurence (my husband, Toby's Dad) was unloading the shopping from our car on the driveway. A woman walked up to him and said ''are you Mr Attrill?'', he said yes. She then told him about a strange thing that had happened to her. She was in the shop at the Tate gallery, in Liverpool (which must be about 70 miles away from where we live), looking at a book, and a business card dropped out, with the name Toby Attrill on it. She looked up the details, and found that the Attrills lived in Todmorden, as did she! Laurence explained that it wasnt him, but his son, Toby, who made jewellery.

This last summer, Toby and I went to the Tate Liverpool, to meet a friend, see the Tall ships, and also go to the Klimt exhibition. While we were there, Toby looked around and slipped a few of his business cards into the art and craft books that were for sale in the Tate shop!!!!

How strange that one of the cards was found by someone who also lives in Todmorden. I wonder who else found one, any of you lurkers out there perhaps? if so, please come and say hello!
Anyway, there's a good tip, for self promotion, leave your business cards everywhere, you never know who might find one.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

customised and special...

The above pieces of jewellery are now for sale at
Customised brooches, and special jewellery, can be ordered direct from

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Exciting news!!!

Toby has been featured in a new online magazine about things handmade in the UK.

If you click on the link to the website below, once there, click on the main photo, then you'll be able to download the free magazine. There are many interesting articles, and you'll probably find some other people you know from blogland there as well, Gretel and her toys for instance.

Toby has a photo of one of his sterling silver and vintage amber crystal bead bracelets in the magazine, a write up, and also a photo of himself at work.

You have to scroll down to pages 20 and 21 for Toby. See here:

Exciting eh?!!