Sunday, April 27, 2008


Thanks to everyone for entering the charity draw to celebrate our 300th post.
The winner picked out of the hat was Alison, and her charity RNIB.
'Mr Woody' is a bracelet and earring set, made using my collection of wooden and wood-like beads and buttons, including some given to me by our friend Yvonne, and also some bought back from South Africa by our blogging friend Christiane
Mr Woody set is for sale, £13 plus p+p, email me if you'd like it, otherwise they'll be off to Spirals in Hebden Bridge on Tuesday afternoon.
Look at the size of Mr Woody's cousin! I bought this enormous button from The Button Queen in London.
We have written out the cheque for RNIB, ready to post tomorrow.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

sand and sea


This is 'SAND AND SEA', a new necklace, by Toby, to replace 'pink and green' (see previous post) sold to Sybille of Magpie Magic.

Ingredients: Hand dyed hemp, crochet bead, turquoise nuggets, Indian lampwork beads, Toby's handmade polymer clay and reclaimed beads, lots of knots, love and patience!

Available for sale here, before Tuesday, when Toby's latest collection is off to Hebden Bridge.

Dont forget our CHARITY draw tomorrow, to celebrate our 300th post, still time for you to enter!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All boxed up's gone!

Most of the 'All boxed up' (see post 23rd March) has now been sold, and the shop has asked for more, so here it is to show you, what do you think? If anyone would like to buy direct from Natural Attrill, email soon, as delivery to the shop will be in about a week.
pink and green knotted hemp necklace SOLD!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Learning new stuff !!


These are the pics from a jewellery course I went on (paid for with the proceeds of my jewellery sales!) , with Yvonne Chadderton, a local jeweller who lives in littleborough (a couple of miles from me). I am going on another workshop in may.

The first 2 photos are of me melting down some of my scrap silver to roll out into sheet with the rolling mill ( the next 3 photos are of me rolling out the silver)

The next photos are of some of the sheet silver I made, with a hole (/button) in the middle which I have shaped using the doming block pictured. This is used with punches shaped in the reverse of the shapes in the doming block.

The next photo is of me filing down some of my sheet silver.

After that are the products of my session (excluding my new-found knowledge….) there are examples of reticulation - which is where you can melt the edges of a piece of metal. Rolling lace through the roller with the silver, and some headpins I have made by melting the ends of some silver/copper wire to make a ball. Also there is a “bracelet” made with my handmade wire twisted to keep the ceramic in place, and a 9ct gold bail for a piece of sea-glass which I made with various pieces of my scrap gold.
(Click on photographs to enlarge and see in more detail)

The final 3 photos are of my pride and joy! Which are of a fine (pure) silver ring which I made by making the wire in the roller, twisting it, then flattening it, and soldering the 2 ends together to form a ring, then I made a piece of silver sheet and cut a strip, and base from it to make the setting for the cabochon, I then soldered it together and filed down the edges. After that I glued in the cabochon ( a hand-painted vintage delft ceramic one, that used to be and earring). It still needs polishing and a bit of filing, but I am v. pleased with it.

I will put photos of the next workshop on the blog when I have done it!

p.s. from Penny
Here is a link to Yvonnes website:
and if you go to this page:
guess who that 12 year old is!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not for you this time!

For our first 'blog birthday' on 21st July 2007, we had a give-away, a prize draw, with a present for the winner.
Guess what, we had a record number of 21 comments!
So, COME ON folks, beat the record !! - everyone who visits here, please click on the word 'comment' below, and enter this draw to celebrate our 300th post.
This time, sorry - no present for you, instead we have decided to donate £10 to the winners chosen charity.
Please leave the name of your favourite charity in the comments section, and if possible an address/phone number/website (so we know where to send the donation).
For anyone who has problems with blogging, you can email your entry to us, ( and we will add it to the comments box, and therefore to the draw, for you.
The draw will take place on Sunday 27th April.

Penny and Toby.
Jewellery website:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The challenge

Toby was set a challenge, he was given a bag of broken bits and bobs (top pic) from a dealer he met at an antiques fair, and was asked to make some jewellery with these pieces (bottom pic), to sell back to the dealer.
It is very difficult to make and create from elements that you havent chosen yourself, and I think Toby found this quite a task!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Hi,These are 15 small childrens handmade bead bracelets on SALE!!!
They are £1.50 each or £1 each if you buy 2 or more!! plus p&p.
The second photo is of them displayed in our window, so anyone passing can knock on our door and buy one (though it doesn't happen very often!!).
Please leave a comment if you would like one, or email me at