Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another workshop.

Thanks to everyone who has been buying my jewellery I have saved up, and, I have been able to afford another jewellery workshop with Yvonne in Littleborough, and have finished off my ring (see above) The top 2 pics are of it now, all shiny and beautiful, and the bottom one is of what it looked like before.
What do you think?

The (yet to be finished) pearl of my eye.

This pendant was based around a victorian blown glass doll's eye, and some half-drilled cultured pearls i have salvaged from various earrings. I still haven't glued down the eye / smoothed the setting, yet.
I made the base for the top of the pendant last time i had a workshop, by flattening some twisted wire. Then, to set the pearls, i drilled holes where i wanted them to be, then melted the bottoms
of 4 pieces of wire to form a blob, poked the wire through the holes (leaving the blob at the bottom (see photo 5)) and glued the pearls in place.
To make the eye "socket" i cut a strip out of brass and made it the same shape/size as the eye and soldered the ends together. i then soldered that to another piece of sheet brass and cut round the edge, and ground down the excess.

Jet powered snail chasing............

The first photo is of a piece of jet i bought in whitby which i wrapped in thin silver wire, to make a pendant. The next photo is of an un-polished piece of jet and one i polishd up on the grinder graduating through 6 different wheels (rough sanding, fine sanding, felt, calico, lambswool, and swan's down) to achieve a high shine!
The next to photos are of a piece of copper with a snail chased onto them. Chasing is a technique where the piece of metal is heated into a container of pitch and hammered from behind to achieve a 3d effect.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another challenge!

Another challenge from the antique fair - from the same people as last time (see previous post April 12th).
I was given an old plastic bag full of broken jewellery, and I've made these zip charms using the reclaimed beads.
I was also asked to repair 2 brooches, which had missing stones.
Mytholmroyd Antique fair is on the first Sunday of every month, so in a few days I'll deliver my work, I hope they like them!

Zip charms made to order, email:


Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Big Green Weekend

Commissions taken

Home again and recycled

We are home from a WONDERFUL holiday in Morocco, laden with lots of goodies, refreshed and ready for more creations! Our new blogging friend who lives in Marrakech, very kindly met up with us and showed us around, thanks Elizabeth! Have a look at her blog here:
Above are photo's of Toby's collection for a special exhibition in Spirals, of Hebden Bridge, for 'The Big Green Weekend' - all things remade and recycled. I was the delivery taxi after school yesterday, and within 5 mins of Toby laying out his display in the shop, one of the bracelets, the chunky one, was sold!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


This little bird is handmade, using merino wool and felting needles, lots of patience, and needlestabbing!
He is named Marrakech, as we are all going on holiday to Morocco soon, to Marrakech and Essouira.
Inspired by the talented Gretel, see here:
Another needlefeled creation will be appearing soon, 'Moo Snail', so watch this space!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Toby's chunky charm bracelet

Here is Toby's chunky charm bracelet, created using a selection of his treasures collected from car boot fairs, antique shops, jumble sales and charity shops, lovingly linked onto reclaimed chain and finished with a copper toggle clasp.
If anyone is interested, email Toby at:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blog buys

Thought I'd show you a couple of my latest 'blog buys'.
Daisy chain necklace by Caroline at
Cityscape bangle by Sybille at