Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spot the birdy

Another of Toby's creations from his ceramics class, can you see the bird?

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I recently went into Makepiece who stock my Attrills to do a stock-take it turned out i had sold 9 pieces! Have a look at www.attrills.blogspot.com !

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

London and Tigertail

Hi every-one,

It's now my half term so me and my mum went down to London for the night to see my Grandad, and to visit Electrum, a contemporary jewellery gallery on South Moulton street in central London. The gallery was amazing! I spent the first 10 minutes or so constantly saying " Wow, mum come look at this!", there were things made out of everything from precious metals and diamonds to twigs and newspapers! Some of my favourite pieces were some giant crocheted wire things that go round your neck ( they're called 'ruffs' or something aren't they? )
Also we toured round all the 8 or so charity shops in Muswell Hill (where my Grandad lives)
and bought a tupper-ware-box-full of buttons! There are some lovely ones in there like this gorgeous victorian black glass button and 7 or 8 of these really cute little cobalt blue glass buttons.
On arrival home i decided that i wanted to make some tigertail necklaces to go with the bracelets. Here they are, if anyone wants to buy one, they are about 39cm long, both the chilli and heart charms are glass, they are strung with seed beads on tigertail. Please email me at: info@naturalattrill.co.uk if you are interested, I can make them in different sizes/colours.
Today my dad (laurence) gave me a new drill bit so i could drill some holes in my purple shells, next i'll be trying the ones that caroline gave to me!
My next project is to make some lariat bracelets with my mum for our friend Sybille.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Present from Caroline!

Hi, just to say thank-you to caroline for these lovely evil-eye-beads, and wonderfully coloured shells!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More chilli's

Following on from my last post with Tara's wonderful chilli, I thought I would show you the earrings Toby has made using these cute little glass chilli charms. They are for sale, £6.50 a pair, plus p+p, gift boxes also available. Contact: info@naturalattrill.co.uk

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thank you Tara !!

A most wonderful suprise present arrived today, all the way from America, from illustrator and blogging friend Tara, you can see her blog here: http://tlcillustration.blogspot.com/
Working from the top picture down, first you see my parcel, full of little parcels! Containing many goodies, chocolate and heart/valentine themed.
Underneath, on the left is a beautiful handmade card, and next to it, a sheet of fun stickers!
Next I scanned in the 3 little chocolate bars, which dont exist anymore, they were shared between myself, Laurence, and Toby, and were delicious. Then 2 little pink heart shaped soaps, made by Tara, as you will see if you visit her blog. A sweet little white ceramic heart decoration, and, already nabbed by Toby and displayed on our pin board, some cute little button drawing pins...what a great idea, never seen them before..this idea might well be used by natural attrill !
The following photo shows ingredients, plus receipe, for a special hot chocolate drink, with chilli, chocolate buttons and cinnamon sticks. Toby is just about to make one.
My most favourite of all is the last image, of the chilli, unwrapped, it is beautiful, I love the colour, shine, texture and smell. I had never heard of an Ancho Chilli before, have a look here:
We are members of The Society of Secret fairies, see here: http://thesocietyofsecretfairies.blogspot.com/
Toby and I participated in the first parcel swap, and then the Christmas gift, but didnt join in this time with the Valentines event, so it was such a brilliant suprise to receive this unexcpected valentines gift from Tara, a big: THANK YOU !!
P.S. On the subject of SOSF, I have been trying to contact Chrissie, to check that our Xmas gift arrived ok, but not had any luck at all, does anyone know her?

Stones and beads

These bracelets are handmade by Toby using pretty gemstones and seed beads strung onto tiger tail with clasp. Tiger tail is very strong, and not stretchy, thats why we show you the bracelet next to a ruler so as to ensure the size is ok for you. Just put some thread around your wrist, and add a little, thats the size you need! These are both for sale, £6.50 each plus p+p, and, as always, special orders for any length or colour combination taken, just email Toby here: info@naturalattrill.co.uk

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sieve Pot

This is another piece from my pottery class i go to every fortnight. It is made using the leftovers from different coloured clays, over a hump mold. I used ready-mixed clear and coloured glazes. Toby.x

Citrus for sale

For Citrus earrings and bracelet email info@naturalattrill.co.uk

Dont forget to visit: www.naturalattrill.co.uk and www.attrills.blogspot.com

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Odd and Red

The 'Odd' bracelet, is so called because it is unusual, with random beads and stones on tigertail, strung with tiny white seed beads. The Red, is red! They are both for sale. Orders taken for specific colours. email Toby at:

Saturday, February 03, 2007

School Work

In D.T. at school we have been making drawstring bags on the sewing-machine. This is mine, as i had previous experience on the sewing-machine, the textiles teacher let me make my bag patchwork. My bag is made out of nylon and has a vintage 'Cadbury's Marvel' tapemeasure as decoration, along with some of my many buttons and a handmade tassle.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Keyrings For Sale !!!

These are the new designs i came up with last night. If anyone would like one and has a special request for colour, just let me know. They are £4.00 each plus £1.00 p+p email: info@naturalattrill.co.uk Toby.x P.S. Mum said they would make good earrings too as the beads are really light.

sold (pink one only)