Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vintage greens

bottom bracelet - SOLD!


bottom brooch SOLD !
Vintage charm jewellery for sale, add £1.50 for p+p, and gift boxes available if required for £1 extra.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pronged setting

This was the the main focus of my last jewellery course with Yvonne Chaderton. Learning how to make a pronged setting. These are mainly used to set stones on engagement rings. Most of the time these settings are bought ready-made and soldered onto a piece, but it is useful to know how to make them if you ever have to set an irregularly shaped or sized stone.

I started off by cutting 2 lengths of sterling silver wire that were twice the height of the stone (a cubic zirconia) and soldering them ontop of one another to form an "X" shape. I then made a wire ring that the stone sat comfortably in, and bent the "X" up, and soldered the ring in it. I then cut the cross of the "X" off with a piercing saw. I made another ring to go on the bottom of that, and soldered the whole thing together.

The setting was then soldered to the silver bail, and the stone set into it. Here are the links to my previous workshops: 1 part1, part2, part3. 2 part1, part2, part3. 3 part1, (this is part 2).

This is the back of the setting.

This is a page of my sketch book, with a drawing of the above pendant.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


All Crosskitsch pieces, inc. the photos of necklace and bracelets posted previously, are now being exhibited and sold (hopefully!) in Aardvark Gallery in East Sussex.
Have alook at the website here:

Crosskitsch bag/zip charm.

Crosskitsch bracelet.

Close up of silver cross on above bracelet.

Crosskitsch earrings on sterling silver earwires.

As well as exhibiting in Aardvark, Crosskitsch jewellery can be commissioned direct by emailing Toby:

Monday, October 06, 2008

buttons and balls

Here are some more bracelets made with naturalattrill handrolled and felted beads,
alongside clusters of buttons, all strung onto beading elastic.
Various colour combinations made to order @ £10 each plus p+p

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

anyone's kilt falling down?....

...... here's your answer!

Vintage charm brooches, made to order, starting from £7.50 each, plus p+p
to order yours email: